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one magazine 7 collages

This month (August) the Yahoo Cloth Paper Studio group offered the challenge – using only magazine create one collage a day for seven days. This time you could include photos of your backgrounds as well, so there was a before and after element to the challenge. I don’t usually make backgrounds for these collages as I tend to try and cover every square inch of the paper with images from the magazine. However, this time I did make 2 backgrounds but I haven’t included pictures of them here as I think you can get a pretty good idea of what they look like from the finished pictures.
zentangle made from black and white images

love mosaic

time flies

greens (no message here, I just liked the way the colours went together)

changing the face of beauty. There is, of course, the visual pun here for I have indeed changed the face. Serendipity was at work here for the 2 images were just the right size and the colous complemented each other. I cut each image into strips and then interwove them.


butterfly on a chain

Comments on: "one magazine 7 collages" (10)

  1. These are all great, Carol. The zentangle knocks me out because it looks so much like a tangle drawn from scratch. ????

    I love the woven one, I’ve sort of experimented with that myself and, I agree with you, the greens just have a wonderful balance to them. Must have been quite a challenge working from the single source.

  2. Carol, this is truly amazing. I don’t think I could make seven collages from one magazine. What magazine did you use, if I may ask? Good job!

  3. the zentangle collage is wild! you did great work!

  4. I used a copy of Elle magazine. At first it was really difficult to find enough images and I thought I would try and do small collages but somehow they just took over and except for the mosaic and the zentangle they are A4 sized. Marie Claire is usually a good magazine to work from too. I think some people in the US find the Martha Stewart magazines good ones too. Anyway it was a real challenge and has taken me a good week to complete them, working on them a bit at a time

  5. Lovely, Carol!

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Working from one magazine must have been a real challenge. Great work

  7. love your reviews. will be back to read more

  8. Very nice, I like the butterfly on the chain.

  9. These are all so gorgeous..I love each one..especially the butterfly on a string..these take so much creativity and imagination…and they offer a world of inspiration to the viewer…Just wonderful..!

  10. woww…I am speechless once again ..I will start taking lessons from you soon Carol!! Great work!!x

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