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Texture Tuesday 03-10-2011

This week’s Texture Tuesday inspired by Kim Klassen’s cafe is “gratitude”. I have used 2 of Kim’s textures: burnt edges and simple things in this photo.


TextureTuesday-kittens-gratitude copy

I am sure these kittens are expressing nothing but gratitude to their mum! Mum is a street cat (ie. she doesn’t belong to anyone) in Turkey and some of the locals had taken pity on her and provided her with a warm spot in the sun and some food. Apparently female ginger cats are quite uncommon and to find one with a litter of kittens was a lovely surprise. My family has been lucky enough to have had 3 ginger cats, all of whom retain special places in our memories.


Comments on: "Texture Tuesday 03-10-2011" (8)

  1. Wait too cute, beautiful image.

  2. Visiting from TT. What a beautiful image and you chose the perfect textures and application to make it even more so.


  3. Nice use of the textures, works well with the kitty cat ginerger color.

  4. Beautiful image!

  5. Such cute kitties. And beautiful editing.

  6. Love the photo! Very nice

  7. Cute, cute, cute! Yes, female gingers are rare (only 20% or so of gingers are girls). I had one once. She and I didn’t get on well, I think it was because we were both gingers. LOL I wish I could have one of those cuties!

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