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Texture Tuesday Phoebe

This week’s challenge was to use Kim’s texture “Phoebe”.

This is what I finally settled on. I used Phoebe and Dream textures at 100% soft light blending mode.


This is the original photo

These are different versions of the same photo. I was really surprised at the results produced by using different blending modes.
This was my first version which I will play more with later on, using “difference” blending mode at 100%

In this one I set the blending mode to hue at 98% opacity

and in this one I used hue and saturation blending modes


why not pop into the cafe to see what other people produced this week?


Comments on: "Texture Tuesday Phoebe" (9)

  1. a lovely result for your top dreamy image. Nice to see the other examples and blending modes too as a contrast. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely texture work. I love how you showed how other blend modes looked with this image. Well done!

  3. Hi, thanks for showing all of the different effects with your image, love your choice of image, great to visit with you.
    Blessings from downunder

  4. these are all so very interesting, showing choices and options… love it. normally I like the highlighted or sharpened effect, but am really enjoying the “softer” tones. these are lovely. thanks for sharing — wonderful composition and great texture processing. kareninkenai {from TT}

  5. what a beautiful series. i love how the different blending modes can create a whole new photograph. thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. have a great day.

  6. btw, i love the look of your blog…

  7. I learned something here about blending modes. I will give this a try myself. Thanks.

  8. I am so lost when it comes to digital editing but you have inspired me to spend some time experimenting. I love the colors and textures! Thank you.

  9. It’s fun isn’t it, playing around with textures. You have come up with some interesting samples. I like #1 and 5 best, in that order.


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