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Photo Art Friday

This week’s challenge over at Photo Art Friday was to share a piece of photo art that has been made using one of our favorite, “go-to” editing/processing techniques. That would mean that we each should also give a brief overview of our edits to the image, highlighting the one that is our “go-to” favorite.

I am still very much a beginner at manipulating photos so for the moment my “go-to” favourite seems to be using blending modes when I add textures to my photos. The texture I have added to this photo is one of my own. I have also used the airbrush function around the edges of the photo to give more definition to the edges.


These are the two images I combined. The calligraphy was on a plaque above the entrance to an old water cistern in south western Turkey.


Photo Art Friday</


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday" (15)

  1. Beautiful image and composition; truly enjoy the texture processing you did. It is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, kareninkenai (visiting today from Bonnie’s PAF)

  2. Oh – I love everything here – your photo, your interesting texture and your edit! Great work Carole!! Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday.

  3. That’s lovely, wonderful combination.

  4. the arabic calligraphy is wonderful! it fits the hibiscus perfectly!

  5. The two go so nicely together to create a beautiful image!

  6. love your image – great use of a claigraphy shot

  7. very creative to use your own texture and the result is fantastic

  8. I love that caligraphy, and how you combined it with the hibiscus. Lovely texture and colors. Beautiful job.

  9. As one “newbie” to another you’ve done a wonderful job with this.
    I love the idea of merging two photos together like you’ve done. Great job.

  10. Very creative – lovely work!

  11. Considering I can’t even find the airbrush function, I think I win at being a “newbie”. Your photo is beautiful, and your texture is great which equals a terrific submission!

  12. I really love this image, the color and the texture. I am at the beginning of this journey too and loving seeing what evryone achieves. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I am learning so much from you, Carol. You could offer some great tutorials.

  14. First time here and I love it!

  15. Absolutely beautiful images, Carol. I find both the originals and the combined to be interesting on their own. But the techniques you used for your final creation is fantastic. Really!

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