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PAF from the archives

This weeks Photo Art challenge was to spotlight a photo from your archives that you feel never got the attention it deserves.

I am not sure my photo deserves to be in the spotlight but I’m sharing it to show the process rather than the final product and hope that it will possibly encourage someone else to have a go.

I have long been fascinated with mandalas and kaleidscopic patterns and have tried, on  many occasions, to find a really easy tutorial to create one.  That is to say, a) a tutorial that is for PSE b) one that is easy enough for a beginner to follow and c) one that is comprehensive enough in terms of the instructions provided for the student to create a successful mandala/kaleidoscopic image. I have now tried a number of tutorials but have not found one which fulfills all the above criteria. (If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful).

In my early days of experimentation I studiously followed all the instructions from Ray Rasmussen  to create a mandala. What I ended up with was not a perfectly spherical mandala but this rather lopsided elliptical mandala:

Copy of flower-elliptical on black

My selection came from this photo:


and underwent various metamorphoses:

makethefour-flower distorted twirled

Earlier on this year, and a couple of years after creating this image,  I ended up using this “mandala” in a page in my art journal:

Milliande Art Journal Day 7


Comments on: "PAF from the archives" (8)

  1. interesting mandalas created from our archival photograph; nice results

  2. Great pattern as a result of your processing. Very nice. I like your color combination too.

  3. love the colours – great impact. I created my kaleidescope effect last week by
    moveing the image into the top left corner of a larger blank canvas
    1. copy the image
    2. flip the copy vertically and then move the copy so it is beside the original
    3. flatten layers and copy
    4. flip the copy horizontally and move the copy so it is besdie the original.
    5. flatten and crop

    hope that makes sense

  4. Hi, love the effect you achieved, love the bird of paradise too, glad I stopped by

  5. I really like how the mandela looks in the forth image. Great effect, one that I will have to try.

  6. Wow – love the photo you chose to produce these interesting pieces. The 3rd and 4th remind me of erotic Georgia O’Keefe paintings! Maybe I’m just seeing things through my creative, wild, sensual right brain at the moment. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday!

  7. The bird of paradise is beautiful and you certainly had a lot of fun with it. I love the results.

  8. wonderful abstracts so full of color; beautiful flower to begin with – makes sharp contrasting lines. thank you, kareninkenai (PAF)

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