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12 days of texture – day 3

Kim Klassen’s texture today is Cosmo. I experimented with several photos and decided to post all 3 versions.

Version 1 = I duplicated the background and applied multiply to it at 100%, then added Cosmo using darker colour at 77%


version 2 = I used multiply at 100%


I used linear burn blending mode on this one.

All 3 photos were taken in the South of France earlier this year. Hanging a thistle head on the old door is a traditional method of warding off evil.

Comments on: "12 days of texture – day 3" (3)

  1. lovely collection….
    i adore the simplicity of #2…..

    wonderful …..thanks for joining the 12 day texture party.
    xo, Kim

  2. petitepaille said:

    beautiful photos and texture work!

  3. so nice… never heard of that thistle belief…

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