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Christmas times past

As I mentioned in an earlier post I spent much of my working life in Strasbourg. Christmas was my favourite time in that city as it always had a very festive air about it and people went to a great deal of trouble to decorate it at Christmas time. It is famous for its Christmas market of which there were several, in different areas of the city. I used to love wandering around the streets and markets during my lunch hours. The following photos are some of my favourites taken there over the years.

200312180011_Strasbourg florist xmas


this toy shop always had a fabulous window display of bears

display outside a jewellry shop

the largest nativity scene made out of salt pastry

the Christmas tree in the main square

entrance to one of the markets

one of many stalls selling beautiful glass balls

and other decorations galore

one of the stalls near the cathedral


decorated facade of the most expensive chocolate shop in Strasbourg

decorated street in the area known as “petite France”



You can see more of these photos here if you are interested


Comments on: "Christmas times past" (3)

  1. All photographs are amazing.. Merry Christmas..!!

  2. Malou Prestado said:

    Wow! I love this blog of yours on Strasbourg Christmas market. It is nice to know how each of the countries go about with their Christmas markets. I haven’t been to a French one so this blog is a good inspiration for future forays into Christmas markets.

    Durbuy is maybe overshadowed by the Christmas markets in Brussels or Leuven or even Antwerp. It is also far south for many but I’ve seen buses of tourists there as well.

  3. What a wonderful place to visit. You have captured such beautiful Christmas images!

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