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12 days of texture – day 6

On day 6 Kim gave us 2 versions of Magic, one scratched and one not. I have used both textures here on two slightly different photos. They were not black and white to start off with (well not quite) but have certainly ended up like that and I quite like the effect. As Kim suggested I have used the screen blending mode.

6of12-days-of-texture-more-magic scratched-web
This is more magic scratched


This is more magic


Comments on: "12 days of texture – day 6" (6)

  1. So lovely, Carol. Very dreamy and soft. 🙂

  2. both effects are beautiful!

  3. These are nice.

  4. Isn’t it amazing how one texture can alter a photo in so many different ways. Just lovely. the second one IS magical.


  5. Brrr – looks cold – great choice of textures!

  6. They are both beautiful, great use of textures, the first one has something magical !
    Thanks for your nice comment,

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