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Milliande’s art journaling theme for the beginning of this year is “seeds”.
The first one was about sowing a seed versus being the seed. What sort of seed are you?

Papaver somniferum, the opium poppy.  I am a dream seed, cast into the Heavens to drift into a sleeping mind and there to sow the seeds of future dreams. I contain within my heart knowledge from years gone by and visions and hopes still to be fulfilled.


The second one was about seed vessels – create a vessel which will contain what you take away from 2011. What does it contain?

my vessel was partly inspired by an earlier post on FB about scattering seeds of love. Each seed contains a little heart and when the seeds are scattered love will be spread wherever the seeds fall.



Comments on: "Seeding" (1)

  1. Love the theme and your description!

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