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TT-10 January 2012-embrace

This week’s challenge from Kim was to incorporate her new texture “embrace” in one of our compositions. I already did that in last week’s challenge but I’m happy to use it again especially as I found a wonderful photo to use it on. In fact I liked it so much I produced two versions of it.

a warm version

a cool version

the original photo

First I cropped the original photo to remove the bottom part of the photo, then I used the clone tool to cover up the remaining bit of background. I then applied first the pumpkin grunge texture to give it a bit of warmth using pinlight blending mode, then embrace with overlay blending mode and finally aurora (because I wanted a bit of text).


Comments on: "TT-10 January 2012-embrace" (5)

  1. Wow! You really transformed this picture into a work of art! Fantastic!

  2. great! both versions are beautiful!

  3. wow…what a difference photo editing makes. I love how you processed the original photo!

  4. Fabulous. I like both versions but I prefer the Warm version.

  5. Those are some nice variations on effects!

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