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10 truths

I’m currently participating in Kim Klassen’s e-course “beyond Photoshop layers”. This week she invited us to share 10 truths about ourselves, with an option to include photos. These are mine:


– I’m a cat lover but currently not a cat-owner although I feed one of the street cats. Our last cat died just before we moved and I miss him like crazy but our nomadic lifestyle doesn’t permit owning a cat for the moment.

– I’m a hoarder, a squirreller-away-of-things-in-safe-places-and-then-can’t-find-them.

– I love nature and the beauty that surrounds me

– I love taking photographs and clutter up my computer with them

– I love and need to create on a regular basis

– I need my own space and I like my own company

– I’ve been happily married to the same guy for 37 years. We weren’t able to have children but found other things with which to fill our lives

– I am happy being me and I am happy being (just) 58

– I’m curious and love investigating new techniques, new places, new books, new recipes, and signing up for e-courses (which I don’t always complete either)

– I’m a veritable book worm

the photo is of me aged about 5 gazing in wonder at the huge horse mushroom I’d found in the field near where my grandparents once lived and it’s the picture I use as my avatar on my blog


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  1. bummer…can’t see the photo. thanks for sharing your truths!!

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