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Today’s Photo Art Friday (23rd March 2012) was to showcase either any piece of photo art you choose or  a piece of photo art that, without including an actual image of you, is somehow autobiographical.


For the image I’ve used a creative commons image of the world famous diver Annette Kellerman, combined with PDPA texture “je me souviens”, blended  with linear burn at 86% opacity. I then duplicated the layer and multiplied it, then added a turquoise sea texture of my own blended with linear burn and reduced the opacity to 30% to give a pale watery effect and then posterized it.

The writing in French on the texture reads “je me souviens” which means I remember.

I remember when, as a teenager I was a member of the school diving team. One day, while executing an inward pike, I hit the board on the way back down. Needless to say that put me off doing inward pikes for a while. However, I overcame my fear and continued diving, going on to become captain of the diving team. The only competition I entered that was not an inter-school one, was the Gloucester County Junior diving championship for dives from a 1 metre springboard. To my surprise and delight I won it. The image on the shield which was my prize has a diver like this on it. Now I don’t remember why but neither of my parents was there and no one from school witnessed my one moment of glory and triumph, which I think is a bit sad.


Comments on: "PDPA-autobiographical" (10)

  1. Beautifully done!! Such an imaginative combination of elements and we can truly envision your triumph in your teens. Nice that you can remember, re-image and we can be your audience and stand and applaud.

    So glad you shared this with Photo Art Friday!

  2. I love this image and the story behind it.

  3. Wow, your story surely matches exactly your visual portrayal of your teen times memory of diving.

  4. Your piece is really nice. It was so fun to hear about your teen swimming feat.

  5. Very lovely piece; all the choices work perfectly together. Thanks so much for sharing it and the story. It would certainly be an achievement to remember. Karen (visiting from PAF)

  6. Wonderful work, and fit so well to your story! I like it very much!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  7. Lovely interpretation and sharing of your story.

  8. your piece is just great!

  9. Love the posterization and texture work. Bonnie’s texture is perfect for it.

  10. I am really learning a lot about photoshopping from these pieces. Thank you for sharing your process.

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