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weekly challenge: through

This week’s challenge was to illustrate any interpretion we chose of the word “through”.

I was just taking a photograph of this beautiful dress in a shop window in Strasbourg when these tourists walked “through” my photo


Here are some other “through” shots
through the fence

The Japanese have perfected a technique whereby stencils are applied to fruit, particularly apples, so that the skin won’t ripen through the area covered by the stencil



my friend Cigdem through the looking glass

see-through spiral staircase


Comments on: "weekly challenge: through" (9)

  1. excellent pictures and perfect for the theme…;)

  2. lovely collection!

  3. really like the first one…the apple is freaky

  4. Beautiful collection of photographs. 🙂

  5. Nice interpretations of the theme!

  6. Nice shots.

  7. I especially like the shot through the fence, such texture and colour!! Well shot love!


  8. Great collection of photos. I see you don’t throw out any photos either. I used to think a photo was wasted if it didn’t capture my intended subject. But I’ve learned to keep all of them now. Never know when you’ll need one. Amazing how they stencil the apple. Thanks for sharing.

  9. hmm!! nice photos.Particular about ” looking through the mirror”.Gotta make the change.

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