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colour week

This week in Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers course we were on the lookout for colour. We were encouraged to go out and take photos of different colours for each day of the week. However, since life rarely runs smoothly, we could raid our archives if necessary. All the following photos were taken during the last week.
Monday – green

the heart of a lily, the first leaves of a wild honeysuckle, moss-covered stone steps

Tuesday – yellow
yellow flowers in the local park

Wednesday – pink

pink red currant bush flowers (well I think they’re pink), pink cherry blossom and a selection of pink buttons seen at a fabric fair over the weekend

Thursday – blue
a statue of the Madonna in a roadside shrine, blue fabrics at the fabric fair, blue and white crockery on sale at the antiques fair at the weekend

Friday – red

another Madonna, the bare stems of a cornus bush, blossom on an unidentified tree in the local park

Saturday – rainbow
rainbow fabrics and notions at the fabric fair

other rainbow photos
a box of chocolates

local graffiti

Tiffany lamp in our friend’s office


the real thing

In Thailand, where I have spent many holidays, colour is the key to culture; each day of the week has a colour allotted to it. Thus loyal followers of the King would wear yellow t-shirts on Mondays for example and many office workers don shirts according to the colour of the day. Lucky them, they don’t have to think about what to wear! I’ve created collages for each of the days of my week

Sunday is coloured red for the sun god
Monday is yellow or cream for the moon god
Tuesday is pink for the Mars god
Wednesday is green for the Mercury god
Thursday is orange for the Jupiter god
Friday is sky blue for the Venus god (not goddess)
Saturday is violet for the Saturn god

Children are taught the days by their colours and absorb constant reminders – the scarves tied around trees, boat prows, spirit house pedestals, and sacred posts are selected from the seven lucky hues (never black).




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