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Journey. This train station means the beginning or the end of a journey for many people; for others it’s a daily stop as they commute or one link in the chain of a series of destinations.

Share a picture which means JOURNEY to you!


I saw these two beautiful sailing ships in Harbour City in Hamburg last weekend and seeing the names on them immediately brought to mind Tolkien’s wonderful tale of the Hobbit and the epic journey described in the Lord of the Rings.

St Augustine wrote: the world is a book and those who not travel read only a page.

My feeling is that a book is a world and those who do not read miss out on extraordinary journeys of the mind ….


Comments on: "weekly photo challenge: journey" (2)

  1. Neat shot! Am in agreement with st. Augustine and you 🙂

  2. Great shot. Perfect for this week’s theme.

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