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The challenge for Friday 20 April was to showcase any piece of photo art that pleases us or a piece with a theme (in whatever way we choose to interpret it) of new life. Whilst I would have liked to be a bit more inventive for this challenge I was away from my computer all week so I have decided to showcase some photos showing new plant life, taken on a couple of recent woodland walks.
I can never resist photographing the unfurling of fern fronds



or the metamporphosis of the sticky buds on horse chestnut trees




Photo Art Friday


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday – new life" (5)

  1. What is more magnificent than the designs in nature and the light which illuminates them? Love this Carol! Thanks for sharing with PAF.

  2. amazingly creative captures Carol!

  3. Love that amazing fern bud blossom; it is gorgeous. We don’t have a lot of ferns in our area, so I especially like to see this. Beautiful job. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I am visiting from Bonnie’s PAF. Karen

  4. These are wonderful. That 1st shot of the fern before it opened is amazing.

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