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Kim’s challenge for 15 May is another free and easy edition – any theme, any texture. I was in the UK recently and photographed these trees on the top of Exmoor. I like to think that they were engaged in a lively conversation and that the one on the right is gesticulating wildly



I’ve used Kim’s wonderful magic scripted texture at 100%

I can’t decide which version I like best – framed or unframed. Any views?

Comments on: "TT-free and easy-conversation between trees" (7)

  1. geoffwatt said:

    Unframed………I think

  2. I like both for very different reasons. The first looks like an old adventure photograph, the 2nd looks infinite, like it could go on forever. Stunning shots!

  3. How pretty!! Great job♥

  4. Looks like it was a beautiful day! So much magic in trees. It’s fun to imagine them coming to life…I agree with everyone, I prefer it unframed. The dark frame overpowers your image and draw your focus away from the trees. But I like that you experiment with your image. It’s fun to create different variations.

  5. Great atmosphere! Stopping by from Texture Tuesday!

  6. Wow, I love both these images. I think I prefer the unframed one – I know exmoor and I like the idea of its wildness bursting out and not constrained by frame! Great job, love your use of texture.

  7. I personally love the unframed one. The texture looks fantastic on this photo!

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