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Here are some of the photos I took while we were on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, earlier this year:

Chinese New Year and the year of the dragon. This cute image was on a shop door

the bride arrives on the back of an elephant for her beach wedding

what an idyllic setting for a wedding

I found this heart on the beach on Valentine’s Day

the best prawn cocktail I’ve ever eaten

the same goes for this wonderful tempura

we went on a fishing trip and our friend caught this barracuda. It was just over 1 metre long and weighed over 7 kg.

we cut the fish into steaks, wrapped each steak in a piece of banana leaf with garlic, chilli, and a slice of lime, and then grilled them. The fish fed 20 people!

a banana flower

frangipani flowers – they almost don’t look real

one of many sunsets

a pair of olive backed sunbirds had nested outside our bathroom window

one of the babies being fed by its mother after it fell out of the nest. We put it back and the parents continued to feed it until it fledged

feeding time

the baby waiting impatiently

come on mum, where’s my grub? Actually I think this one is dad, he has much more colourful plumage

Comments on: "postcards from Thailand 2012" (1)

  1. gailkav said:

    What a beautiful place. The beach wedding and the leaf heart look so romantic. My daughter is having a beach wedding later this year, must show her these photos.

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