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The last weekend in March we went to Hamburg in northern Germany. It was our first visit there and we didn’t really know what to expect. What we found was a beautiful, open city with masses of greenery – the result of much of the city being destroyed first by fire and then by the war. Unfortunately the weather was bitterly cold with flurries of snow which meant that sightseeing wasn’t a high priority. However, what we saw was enough to make us hope to return again later in the year.
I did venture out one afternoon as I particularly wanted to visit the Speicherstadt – the warehouse district and the neighbouring Harbour City, a new dockland development of waterside living accommodation.

a graffiti-covered climbing wall near our hotel

view of the new Elbe Philharmonie building – astronomically expensive and still not finished. It’s likely to get even more expensive as the builders are encountering unexpected problems

Being a fan of Tolkien myself, I couldn’t resist photographing this sailing boat

the lemon seller

buildings at the back of the Deichstrasse

how the Deichstrasse might have liked in days gone by

what it looks like now


tucked away in a tiny alley near the church of St Michaelis is a minute alley consisting of a row of tiny houses originally consisted in 1620 for the widows of small traders. They were taken over by the city in 1863 and used as old people’s homes until 1969. Now they are just a tourist attraction. The one in the photo has been renovated to look as it might have originally done. The rest are shops or cafes.

a wonderful sealife bas relief on one of the official buildings


views of the Speicherstadt or warehouse district

a coffee roasting house with the most delicious smells wafting out of its chimneys

the Wasserschloss, a cafe in the warehouse district, situated at the confluence of 2 canals

I was much intrigued by some publicity advertising a show in the national art gallery
, which we didn’t manage to see, entitled “ornithopoesie” (literally bird poetry) by the artist Georg Jappe, who said that “birds are the landscape’s memory”.


Comments on: "Hamburg" (3)

  1. Carol, I have a friend (and neighbor) who is from Hamburg – and she and her family are there this semester, as her husband is on sabbatical there. From your photos and hers, it looks like a pretty cool city. It’s interesting – your photos are those of someone seeing the city for the first time, and hers are those of someone sharing a place she knows and loves with others. Different photos definitely result!

  2. The architecture and landscape of European cities and east coast US cities are fascinating to me since they are so unlike what I am accustomed too (no bricks, no rivers, and not much greenery). Beautiful!

  3. Suzanne said:

    What a romantic looking old city – loved the buildings fronting the canal. It does look cold though

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