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Sarah Rosso said “Hands.  Hands can be instrumental in a photo – they emphasis, they hide, they reveal. They can be the star of the show, or just a prop to help the main attraction stand out better. In this photo, this hand was what kept me between life and death as I walked down a rickety metal staircase on the side of a cliff down to the beach. I was glad for that hand and I’m glad I captured the moment, too.

When I saw the subject for this week’s challenge I thought I was going to have some difficulty finding a photo of hands. That is, until I set my trusty computer to search for images containing the word “hand” in My Photographs. I surprised myself with what I found – memory plays tricks on you over time and I’d forgotten I had several suitable photos. So here goes:

Every year in August the city of Luxembourg in the tiny country also named Luxembourg hosts a weekend festival entitled StreetArtAnimation.  The festival is attended by numbers of street artists/actors who parade through the streets or find a quiet spot where they can do their thing. This guy is the Washer of Hands.



detail of what’s on his chessboard – several hands of cards maybe?


my sister’s hand painting in her journal. You can see her work here


Comments on: "weekly photo challenge: hands" (4)

  1. Love it, that top photo is especially wonderful with the bike 🙂

  2. Your sister’s painting is beautiful.

  3. Nice collection, love the last picture the most.

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