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Ailsa has challenged us again to come up with some images from our travels of street markets. I’ve always loved the colour and vibrancy of street markets and the variety of what’s on offer. Some markets may only offer produce but many offer a huge choice of everything a household could possibly need and more besides. Wherever the market is, be it Europe or Asia or beyond, it would be hard to resist the tempting displays. Here are some market images from my travels in Cambodia:

These were taken in Pnomh-Pen

street markets are wonderfully chaotic places with people jostling to get at the produce

a food stall with food ready to feed the hungry hoardes

a vendor of floral decorations for the temple

a sugar cane vendor

a turmeric vendor

banana flowers, mini aubergines, pineapple and okra on sale

a selection of edible roots and shoots

small pumpkins decorated in honour of the Chinese New Year

more edible goodies

rice noodles packed in layers of banana leaves

grilled cat fish kebabs

some things look more tempting than others

a bowl of the sea shells known as volutes, they are such beautiful shells I couldn’t possibly eat them and I was saddened to see them on sale there

these were taken in Siem Reap

flower vendors at the edge of the market


get your palm juice here

not exactly a market but a street vendor nonetheless of lotus heads


Comments on: "Travel theme: Street Markets" (10)

  1. No fair – this challenge seems too easy for you! I loved the expression you captured on the fellow selling the lotus pods.

  2. Good work done…

  3. Fabulous, I almost feel like I was there just looking at your photos, the bustling crowds, the exotic food – I can almost smell the spices. Really enjoyed reading this post and poring over those wonderful photos. Thanks for transporting me to a Cambodian street market! xxx

  4. Wow! A plethora of travel pics here! Feel like I’ve covered a lot of ground — and never left my comfy chair! :-)) Thanks for these!

  5. So colorful! I’m intrigued by the different colored shoots. Would absolutely have to try them. Not so sure about eating those shells.

  6. i really enjoyed this series of shots…you caught some great expressions

  7. What an amazing variety of colors and senses!

  8. I saw new veggies, fruits and seafood in your cuisine photo tour. Now I’d like to visit it and shop. 🙂

  9. This week’s travel challenge is a tricky one, but I bet you’re up to it! xxx Ailsa

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