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For day 42 of Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers course she challenged us to create a book spine poem. Take a pile of books from your bookshelves and see if you can come up with a found poem.

If you google book spine poetry you’ll find lots of examples. There is a good description of what it’s all about here. The author also talks about reverso poems when the poem makes sense if it’s read from the bottom up instead of from the top to the top.


when read like this my found poem reads:

the dawn of the floating world
the age of enchantment

the age of enchantment
the dawn of the floating world

note: ignore the names of the authors, for this exercise we’re only interested in the titles

here is another one:


the titles read:

the brass butterfly
a peny for a song
when she danced
wild oats
the enchanted cottage
under milk wood


Comments on: "Beyond Layers: book spine poetry challenge" (6)

  1. Very cool idea! And there are some wonderful book titles out there!

  2. Cute – love the poem that came out of it.

  3. Pelican1 said:

    What a clever idea. I will try this at home

  4. Hmmmm…I’ll have to give this a try. I have soooo many books! Great idea!

  5. This is a great idea Carol.

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