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Ailsa of has challenged us this week to share a secret place.

As children, given half a chance, most of us have created a secret place be it in a cardboard box under a table, in a den made from sheets, in a tent in the garden or maybe even a tree house. As adults we often lose that capacity for creating special places, we think we’re past that stage and should be behaving like the adults we are. But sometimes it is given to us to find that space right on our own doorstep.

I wanted somewhere to sit in our garden, in what we called the wild patch, under the shade of the plum trees, where I would be screened from the road but would still be able to see anyone who came calling. I created this secret place out of some sides from an old shed and a piece of abandoned ironwork. I hung lights in the trees and suspended a candelabra from the “roof” of my structure which a friend of ours helped me to construct. DH thought I was mad but our friend could see that the idea had potential and he launched into the project with enthusiasm. An old iron grate became home to some geranium plants and we hung bits of an old screen on tree trunks. I wanted my own corner of fantasy land. We started with this:

outside looking in

the basic structure

inside looking out towards the steps up to the house

now with lights and candelabra

some furniture

the final touches are added – the Chinese bed spread which belonged to my grandmother takes pride of place as a wall hanging and a length of fabric is twisted through the roof struts. Candles and a bottle of bubbly and the scene is set …..


Comments on: "travel theme: secret places" (3)

  1. What a great idea. I adore the candelabra! 🙂

  2. really enjoyed gate and fence photos and the last one too

  3. Charming and fun – bring-your-own secret hideout! Love it! 😉

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