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Bonnie’s challenge this week was to share an image that we have edited to look like a vintage piece of art


I took this photo in 2003 in the Thai city of Ayuthaya which was the old capital of Thailand before Bangkok took over the title. It’s a beautiful place to wander around but at the time I wasn’t as interested in digital photography as I am now so I didn’t really take advantage of our visit there to fill my camera’s memory card with pictures.

Ayuthaya is also home to one of the most photographed images around – the disembodied head of a Budhha surrounded by tree roots. I was really disappointed to see it in real life as it’s only about as big as a football!


It is thought that the head became detached from the body to which it originally belonged and that the encroaching forest simply grew around it, it’s wonderful how nature can create such beauty.

Photo Art Friday


Comments on: "photo art Friday: vintage feel" (4)

  1. You have shared two amazing images here! The misty atmosphere in the image just adds to its mystery. Thank you for sharing with Photo ARt Friday.

  2. These are both fabulous. I do love the misty feel in your 1st piece and thought the Budda head in the tree roots was very fascinating.

  3. What awesome shots and processing!

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