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The challenge for 22 June 2012 was “create”. Have you snapped a picture of something you’ve created, or something someone else has created? Share a picture that means CREATE to you!

This is called a loi krathong (loi means to float and krathong is the lotus shaped receptacle which can float on water) and I learned how to make one in Thailand. First you take a cross section from a banana plant and then you fold sections of banana leaf and pin them in place around the outside edges. Then you add flowers, candles and joss sticks. They are launched into water (either the sea, a river, canal or pond). It is thought that by launching such a wreath all the bad things that have happened to you during the year will be taken away to leave room for new beginnings. The big Loi Krathong festival takes place on the evening of the full moon in the twelth month of the Thai calendar (this corresponds to November in the western calendar).


Comments on: "WP weekly photo challenge: create" (2)

  1. Northern Narratives said:

    That’s beautiful.

  2. snitch21 said:

    when I saw the first picture I assumed it was a crown! I love it when posts prove me wrong!

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