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Bonnie’s prompt to share an image featuring architecture came just at the right time. This week we are cat-sitting for friends of ours who live in an old converted railway station in Germany. Originally their building had a water tower on top of it too, like the one in Settle, UK, which is currently undergoing restoration. We had never thought to wonder why there are so many huge iron beams on the bedroom ceiling but now it’s obvious when you think that the tank on the roof must have held thousands of gallons of water!




the red brick upper floor corresponds to the location of the original water tank

3 of my 5 charges for the week, all of whom have different dietary requirements


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday: architecture" (7)

  1. Now that is some unusual and intriguing architecture!

  2. What a unique home! I like it.

  3. Very fascinating building. It would be fun to see this on the inside for sure. Also it’s great that you are taking care of their kitties for them.

  4. That is a fascinating architectural renovation. Not sure I like the marriage of the old with the new – but I do love your photos and description of it. Thank you for linking up with Photo Art Friday!

  5. This looks like a church in Villaba Spain where I once stayed…old stone buildings are wonderful to photograph..very nice..I need to find time to read more of your blog 😉

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