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travel theme: food

This week Ailsa has challenged us to share our photo experiences of food. Where in the world do I start, there’s so much wonderful food out there and I love all of it (well, nearly all). Now I regret the fact that I haven’t taken more photos of the food I’ve eaten or the food I’ve seen for sale on my travels.
Here are some of my food photos from Thailand:

iced green tea frappe

a grilled fish stall at Koh Samui’s Red Cross festival

sushi on sale at the same festival

this guy is mixing a drink

a food stall in Thailand – not quite sure what they’re selling

and another one

and another one

cakes – invariably they look better than they taste

this was our dinner one night – you can just see the nose and tail fin of this banana-leaf wrapped barracuda waiting to be grilled on the barbecue

cake made to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the Reggae Pub on Samui

food offerings on a stand set up by a department store during the Chinese new year celebrations on Koh Samui

Chinese new year moon cakes

Why not see what sort of food other people have been photographing, here


Comments on: "travel theme: food" (3)

  1. Ooh, awesome photos, that fifth one of the unidentifiable food is brilliant – I love the big blocks of something strange right in your face, with everyone going about their work in the background. Wonderful perspective. I’ve always loved the look of Chinese New Year moon cakes but never tried them. Have you? Wondering what they taste like? xxx

  2. Those little alphabet cookies look very sweet, but I think I’ll settle for the sushi. 😉

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