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Photo Art Friday: 7 words

Bonnie’s prompt – a tough one this week: “use the prompt to compose a seven word sentence that describes your life or experience or process as an artist (be it a photographer, painter, mixed media artist, digital artists, whatever …) and marry your sentence to a piece of photo art that somehow illustrates your sentence.”


I’ve chosen this photograph of an old wat in Thailand’s ancient capital of Ayuthaya to illustrate my artistic development. The temple is wreathed in early morning mist but the building is gradually revealing itself. This is how I feel. I retired 4 years ago and since then I’ve been struggling to reconcile my need to create on a regular basis and the fact that we lead a somewhat nomadic life where we rarely spend more than 3 months in any one place. This means that it is difficult to carry many supplies with me so I’ve had to adapt. Once I started learning to use Photo Shop Elements I realised that I could combine my love of digital photography and making collages. Now, as long as I have my computer, access to all my photos and a photo-editing programme, I can carry my work and my art around with me. I can work on creating collages when I’m at home with all my stash but can continue to feed my creativity on the move.


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday: 7 words" (2)

  1. Beautiful mystic looking photo,

  2. What a beautiful image and sentiment. When our heart knows what it wants … the way is revealed as your post suggests. Thank you for sharing this link – I would not have wanted to miss it!

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