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Schloss Drachenburg

This summer we went travelling again, starting off with a visit to friends who live just outside Cologne in Germany. They took us to visit the town of Königswinter on the banks of the river Rhine, with the aim of taking the historical train up the mountain to the top – Drachenfels (dragoncliff) and thence to visit Schloss Drachenburg.

In days gone by (late 19th century) access to the castle was on the back of a mule

today the ride is considerably more comfortable

we went right to the top first to the old ruined tower which commands stunning views of the Rhine



From the midway train station a short climb brings you to the Schloss


Initially a private villa built in a palace style, it belonged to Baron Stephan von Sarter (1833–1902) a broker and banker who planned to live there, but never did. It has a beautifully painted and decorated interior.




Its stained glass windows attest to the fact that it may well have been used as a hunting lodge


The photo in the bottom right corner is of wallpaper featuring a mermaid on it, a nod to the sirens of the Niebelung legends

Outside it is decorated with carved gables and a variety of turrets


Today the Schloss belongs to the state providing a wonderful venue for concerts and conferences. It is also available for hire for weddings.

Click here for more information and a virtual tour of the Schloss


Comments on: "Schloss Drachenburg" (3)

  1. What a great place to visit. Your photos are really crisp – well done. I’ve heard that this castle inspired Walt Disney’s Fantasy Land castle. It looks a lot like it.

  2. Beautiful architecture! I am hoping to visit some day.

  3. Fascinating images, Carol.

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