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This week Bonnie’s challenge was “nature’s abstraction/s”. Here are some of my abstractions from nature:




this is the original photo of grasses covered in freezing fog crystals before I applied a gradient to it



Photo Art Friday photosbyleanne


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday: nature’s abstractions" (9)

  1. beautifully abstracted – especially freezing fog grasses

  2. the second one is very interesting.

  3. stunning all, yet especially 3 & 4 take me in and make me go a little lost in space feeling. fun!!

  4. the green one smiles at you. 🙂

  5. Ohhhh … I like the second one. Wonder what it started out as? Thanks for sharing with PAF.

  6. These are fun. Sort of like a Kaleidoscope. The 2nd one is interesting. It reminds me of ice crystals.

  7. I like the second one too – almost could be ice or snow? I like the depth here too.

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