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Passignagno sul Trasimeno

We stayed in Passignagno sul Trasimeno for a week, in a hotel at the edge of the lake and used this as our base to go out exploring. It is one of Italy’s largest lakes. There are 3 picturesque islands which can be reached by ferry and there are beaches around the lake. There was a wealth of bird life here too and on several occasions we watched a pair of grebes with 3 chicks as they swam close to the shore by our hotel.


view from our balcony to the left


view to the right

view from our balcony towards the town


view up towards the castle at the top of the town


a very attractive garden close to the hotel

beware of the cats

a jewellery shop whose wares were designed to look good enough to eat

the sausages, etc. on sale in this delicatessen shop were undoubtedly good to eat

and talking of eating ….. on the first evening we dined on the jetty which belongs to the hotel with its restaurant at the end. The hotel boasts that the restaurant had the best view of the lake but unfortunately, as you can see from this picture, the jetty itself was something of a blot on the landscape



with its pool next door

‘though we did see some nice sunsets.

We did, however, find the Trattoria del pescatore on our second night and enjoyed our meal there so much that we ate our way through their menu for the rest of the week. Each night the owner advised us which wine should accompany the dishes we had chosen and they were all excellent. Value for money this was a real find and was so popular that they had to do two sittings most nights. I’m sure it was their meals which were responsible for the extra kilos “luggage” we were carrying around with us!

a selection of starters

a pasta course

chocolate (of course) dessert

Luca, one of the waiters. I’m sure he’s escaped from an icon; he has that dark complexion and those heavy lidded eyes so typical of Greek and Russian orthodox icons.

In nearby Tuoro, we visited the Field of the sun (Campo del Sole Tuoro), a group of 27 contemporary sandstone sculptures made by celebrated artists, which looks like a modern-day Stonehenge.






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