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Photo Art Friday: Liquid

Bonnie challenged us to showcase an image featuring “liquid”. According to Wikipedia “Liquid is the classical state of matter with a definite volume but no fixed shape.” I think this is a pretty good description of someone who has had too much alcohol to drink 🙂
Here are some liquid-related photos:

the more obvious sort of liquid that comes to mind

one of my all-time favourite photos, taken in Japan, in the days before I had a digital camera



photo of Scampi to which the Topaz filter liquid chrome has been added

a sunset photo to which I have applied the PSE liquify filter

Copy of 200712290003-resized-twirled
a bowl of water whose colour has been changed and the image “twirled” in PSE

Photo Art Friday why not stop by and see what other “liquid” creations other people have come up with?


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday: Liquid" (4)

  1. So many fabulous, varied, liquidy examples! I was tempted to post one of the alcohol variety – glad someone did it! Thank you for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday.

  2. Susan Bolton said:

    Love the photo from Japan! Great work:)

  3. what a treasure of examples!!! I love these. excellent interpretation of “liquid” here!!!

  4. […] Here are some more “liquid” photos for another challenge on the same subject. […]

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