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Photo Art Friday 19.10.2012

This week Bonnie invited us to use her latest texture “leafy landscape” to create a piece of photo art. I posterised the original photo and then blended it in hard light, reducing the opacity to 70%.


Photo Art Friday why not pop over and see how other people have used this texture?


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday 19.10.2012" (9)

  1. This is so beautiful. I love it. Well done. 🙂

  2. I feel just the same as adinparadise! Stunning.

  3. this is a very hard texture to use, and you did a great job with it.

  4. So lovely. I love the tropical feel of this piece. It’s a drizzly, rainy day here so this just sent me off to a much warmer place.

  5. Susan Bolton said:

    This is beautiful! I love the textures and details including the ship in the background!

  6. I like the tropical colors here!

  7. Wow – never imagined that texture in a tropical scene – shows what a deft digital editor can do!!!

  8. So pretty! This would make a great poster for the wall.

  9. This is stunning!! I love how you played with the hard light blending. It’s one that I always seem to see and try and often go with in my experiments. Just like the way this feels Now. I live at the beach, so it’s NOT for that reason, or that alone, more that it speaks of the deeper feelings I have about the beach and the tropical World generally. GREAT use of the texture and posterising, too!! That’s another one of my almost always, if only to SEE how it looks. Such a neat effect. I use it a LOT on my 366 Daze of Grace photos.

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