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PDPA cobblestones

Bonnie’s challenge this week was to try and use her texture “cobblestone road” in a piece of our photo art. This proved to be a challenge indeed. What sort of photo would you use in conjunction with this? (scroll down to the third photo to see the texture).

I thought it might work with a landscape so I tried a snowscape. The result was interesting but not what I wanted. I tried it with a panoramic landscape but that didn’t work either. Then I thought about sky. I typed sky into my Picasa album to see what sky photos I had lurking on my computer and found one with a skein of migrating geese flying across the sky. When combined with Bonnie’s texture I got this:


which I have decided to call “flyways in the sky”.

Photo Art Friday


Comments on: "PDPA cobblestones" (10)

  1. said:

    A skein- is that accurate? I have never heard this- lovely!!

  2. Love this, it works perfectly. I found this one a challenge too. I love how you’ve used the texture and the flying geese are a lovely touch.

  3. Very lovely and i love that skein of birds!

  4. very creative! love the birds!

  5. Oh how fun. This is really different but sometimes the unexpected makes us sit up and take notice. I like it very much.

  6. Great editing! That texture is such a strong one it is fun to see folks use it in a delicate way with their more delicate subject matter.

  7. Great sky view, I like the birds exshibition there ,Thanks for posting 🙂

  8. Brilliant and BEautimous!! What a grand idea!!

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