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I’ve been following Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers class and this week she asked if we were “makers” or “takers” of photos. “Makers” are those who create their own still life compositions, then take photographs of them and alter them and “Takers” go out and take photographs. I’m definitely a taker; I don’t think I’ve made more than a couple of still life compositions in my whole photographic life. Coincidentally this week Bonnie challenged us to share a ‘digitally manipulated still life’ (as opposed to simply a still life photograph), so this was quite difficult for me. As luck as would have it, I’d taken a series a photos last month of a still life I’d come across in a hotel garden.
I superimposed 2 of the photos in Picasa and then opened the combined image in PSE10. I experimented with several different filters, keeping each result on a different layer. Then I merged them all together and got this as a final result.


Comments on: "PAF – digitally altered still life" (7)

  1. You’ve created an intriguing piece of photo art!

  2. this is wonderfuLL!!

    [p.s. how DO you superimpose in Picasa?! You are another person who has said something that I have no clue HOW TO DO in Picasa. and I use it every day… just had to update it, but still… would love to know!! thanks ;~D]

  3. Really nice, very crystaline.

  4. Oooh yes, this is intriguing and beautifully done.

  5. laura@eljaygee said:

    interesting re the takers and makers – tend to make when that which I take is not up to the mark 😉 A great technique for your still life here – especally like the colours and shadows

  6. Very nice piece. – It has a very serene look.

  7. Lovely edit!

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