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This afternoon I joined our local H3 group to go for a run/walk in the countryside near Derekoy in south western Turkey. As I drove along the track towards the rendezvous point I came across three guys taking their camels for a walk

this one decided to take a lunge at me and his handler had a hard time restraining him


It was a lovely sunny day, and still surprisingly warm considering that this is mid-November. The hillsides were covered in purple flowering heather and there were bees and bee hives everywhere.




the bush with the yellow and red fruits on it is a strawberry tree although the fruits don’t taste much like strawberries. Apparently they are somewhat hallucinogenic if you eat too many of them ….


how about this for a “des res” (the house on the skyline)?

at one point we followed the course of the stream

these meadows were the most glorious green colour after the recent rains

we saw lots of these pretty wild cyclamen as well as some minute narcissi whose flower heads were smaller than my thumbnail, apparently there will be more of these in flower next month

Altogether we had a great time, only slightly spoiled by the fact that 3 of our party, myself included, got stung by bees.

Thanks to Magical Mystical Teacher for taking over the baton and organising a new SOOC site


Comments on: "SOOC Sunday – taking the camels for a walk" (3)

  1. Lovely Carole! Thanks for the tour, Very beautiful there!

  2. Beautiful, great to get off the beaten track!

  3. Such an interesting place to wander! It seems to be a rocky, hilly area with many surprise views! Chuckled about the camels being walked!

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