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International Women’s day was celebrated on 8 March and in the UK Mothering Sunday (or sometimes incorrectly referred to as Mothers’ day) was celebrated on 10 March. We’ve been traveling for the last couple of months and I’d completely lost track of the days and dates – thank you Ailsa for the timely reminder!

Here are some photos I took on our recent trip to India (hence my prolonged absence from all things internet-related) which honour women, mothers and children (our future women)

for those who do not enjoy the same privileges as we do

a woman building-site worker in New Delhi, India

woman sitting outside her home in the old village of Khajuraho, India

flower vendor near a temple in New Delhi

a roadside food vendor in India

women carrying cattlefeed on their heads

mothers and children

mother and child pumping water

women and children carrying water

Rajasthani mother and child

schoolgirls in New Delhi

the next generation

photos of Mrs Ghandi, in the Indira Ghandi memorial museum in New Delhi, India

Mrs Indira Ghandi, who did so much for India

I’ve just come across Irena Sendlerowa, a Polish woman, who smuggled 2500 children out of the Warsaw ghetto. Hers is an extraordinary story and has it’s been published in a book entitled ‘Life in a jar’.

How would did you illustrate International Women’s day? Go here to see other entries

Comments on: "travel theme: international women’s day" (2)

  1. Brilliant photos that reminded me of India and the amazing women there.

  2. The younger generation and the schoolgirls with their brilliant smiles give me so much hope.

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