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Sunday Post: arrangement

Jake’s Sunday Post challenge for 10 March was ‘arrangement’

this bowl of flowers with its miniature deity was on the reception desk in the hotel we stayed in, in Udaipur, India, last month

completed loi krathong, which would be sent out to sea, in Thailand

the arrangement of the roof inside Wells Cathedral, UK

pasta for sale in Italy

an arrangement found on the beach of the morning of Valentine’s Day



an arrangement of photos to make collages

What does ‘arrangement’ mean to you? a floral arrangement? a table set for dinner? the disposition of furniture in a room? a collection of photos? a number of objects grouped together? a window dressing?

Some of my favourite “arrangements” are by the land-artist Roger Dautais. They are extraordinarily beautiful, his creations.


Comments on: "Sunday Post: arrangement" (3)

  1. said:

    Beautiful pictures! To me- arrangement means to make and appointment or plans as well but I like these lovely pictures as well

  2. Excellent photography my friend ,Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. The bowl of flowers is perfect – I think that is what ‘arrangement’ means to me. Natural and man made objects in perfect harmony. But the heart is perfect too – a more random arrangement, spontaneous and honest.

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