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travel theme: time

Ailsa’s challenge this week is TIME

In 1728 Jai Singh started the construction of the astronomical Jantar Mantar observatory in Jaipur, India. It resembles a collection of huge sculptures. The name was derived fro the Sanskrit yanta mantr, meaning ‘instrument of calculation’. Each of these constructions was designed with a specific purpose in mind, for example calculating eclipses, measuring azimuths, and sundials for telling the time.







giant astrolabes


Although we had an audio guide when we visited this observatory we were still confused at the end and not quite sure what we had seen but it was an interesting place and yes, I had to go to Wikipedia too, to find out what azimuths are!

the clock tower in Jodhpur, India

Comments on: "travel theme: time" (2)

  1. Oh I’ve been there, I absolutely loved it and its so nice to be reminded thank you!

  2. Yes I visited in 1986 and was in awe of this amazing structure and how accurate it was

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