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Bonnie’s optional challenge this week was a really difficult one: incorporate some graffiti into your image or create your own.
I never miss an opportunity to photograph graffiti or street art but producing my own was quite a different kettle of fish! I settled for incorporating 2 of my photographs of graffiti with a third one of a piece of wall to produce this



DH said he thought the result looked a mess but I was more interested in the experiment than the final result.

And just for fun:


Photo Art Friday


Comments on: "Photo Art Friday: graffiti" (4)

  1. an interesting meld and a great statement for the brick wall

  2. so good!! I love how you mixed it all up and your message is thoughty!!

  3. Hey (mess or not) you’ve got a great piece here. I think the fun is in the experimenting too and wish I would have tried harder to find time to experiment more.

  4. I happen to think it’s quite interesting and does have a painted look to it~!
    experimenting is (at least) half of the fun, isn’t it~!?


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