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travel theme: pale

Our trip to India earlier this year has supplied me with plenty of photos to illustrate the theme of PALE

a depiction of the Budhha in one of the temples in the Jain temple complex in Kajuraho; unusually the figure depicts the Buddha in his full glory

the Taj Mahal

the royal cemetery in Jaipur

the main courtyard of the fort in Jaipur

floral carving in Jaipur fort

the hall of mirrors in Jaipur fort

detail of the hall of mirrors

Why not pop over to Where’s my backpack and see what other pale and interesting photos fellow travellers have found


Comments on: "travel theme: pale" (6)

  1. And your ‘pale’ is just as lovely as your colour. NIce to see the hall of mirrors, wich I could go back now I have a decent camera!

  2. How incredible and incredible! I must admit that I really love traveling through your eyes!

  3. love this Buddha

  4. Just stunning! I am so envious of your extensive travels Carol. Such rich photographs!

  5. Wonderful, it looks like you had a great trip!

  6. said:

    Love the tiny mirrors !

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