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This week’s Daily Post weekly photo challenge is colour:

brilliantly coloured fabrics for sale in the market in Jodhpur, India

watercolour paint pigments for sale in Pushkar, India. I’ve no idea how they achieve this vividness in their colours and we never saw them on sale anywhere else

vegetable vendor in Pushkar

some brightly coloured saris in Pushkar

closer to home, in the Parc de Wesserling, Alsace, France:
a splash of colour is provided by this little girl’s dress



a lampshade for the garden made from woven strips of fabric

does your garden fence need livening up a bit? try weaving strips of fabric through the mesh

a vivid purple convolvulus flower

street theatre artistes in Luxembourg city

stained glass window in Canterbury cathedral


Comments on: "weekly photo challenge: colour" (8)

  1. Fantastic colour!

  2. Wow! I really like all of the photos but something about the watercolor paint pigments fed my hungry eyes! Thanks for the visuals!

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  4. All of these photos are what I now call “visually nourishing” as they allow my mind’s eye to delight in the colors. Great for an early morning wake-up.

  5. Can color reverberate like sound? These images prove it. Stunning!

  6. Wow! The color is so vibrant. What a treat for the senses!

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  8. The paints and saris are gorgeous!


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