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Cee set us a wonderful challenge this week: showcase steps or stairs.

mosaic stairs in the Nek Chand rock garden, Chandigarh, India

mosaic staircase at Wat Phan Tao, Thailand

the magnificent naga (seven-headed snake) staircase at Wat Prah That, Doi Suthep, near Chiang Mai, Thailand

staircase leading up to Batu cave temple near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

stone staircase in the picturesque village of Gordes, Provence

staircase in the Peranakan Mansion, Penang


2 views of a spiral staircase in Strasbourg

Tarr Steps, a prehistoric stepping stone bridge in north Devon, UK

Christmas Steps in Bristol, UK.

Do you share my interest in steps and stairs, wonder to what possibilities they lead ……


Comments on: "Cee’s fun foto challenge: which ways – steps or stairs" (7)

  1. pamasaurus said:

    Great stairs! Those double spiral ones are amazing.

  2. fantastic collection of stairs/steps 🙂

  3. Whata wonderful collection, I like the mosaic stairs best and would love to climb them!

  4. such a wide range of gorgeous steps. WOW!!!

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  6. I enjoyed your lovely colourful images.

  7. Beautiful gallery of the stairs! Fab. shots.

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