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Dare to be different! share an image illustrating ‘contrast’, challenged Ailsa this week

a single red poppy stands out against the backdrop of the ruins of ancient Hierapolis (Turkey)


Bodrum museum masonry with snapdragons




Mr and Mrs Peacock

Bodrum doorway

in nearly every photo I took in India of men and women together it was always the women who carried the loads

young and old, ancient and modern

young and old

young and old

male and female, western and traditional dress

old world camels juxtaposed against a building in the making

the guy on the bike in the right of the photo is delivering milk in churns on his motorbike, in contrast with the way it’s delivered in ‘civilised’ countries

a situation that would never be tolerated in more ‘civilised’ countries


Comments on: "weekly travel theme: contrast" (10)

  1. These pictures certainly fit the “contrast” theme, but I particularly am drawn to the photographs of India, which I found to be filled with contrasts, both within itself and in comparison to the world I generally reside in. At the same time many aspects of India fully resonate with who I really am.

    • India was an extraordinary place to visit. I am still sorting through the thousands of photos I took and hope to be posting some of them in the not too distant future

  2. Some lovely contrasts here. I agree about the photographs of India. It is a land of contrasts and it contrasts so vividly with western life we are forced to question our own values.

  3. said:

    Beautiful gallery!

  4. asiacharmtours said:

    Reblogged this on Reblog Travel and commented:
    weekly travel theme: contrast

  5. Splendid, India is an awesome country.

  6. Very nice photos!

  7. Very nice images. Met over at Kim’s Beyond Beyond class!

  8. Wow, these are really lovely! Wonderful stuff from all around the globe. That single poppy is so so lovely. xxx

  9. Beautiful photos! 🙂

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