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What a wonderful credo as you get older and, hopefully, wiser

Life is a Vacation

23 April, 2013. Bangalore

Dear God,

It’s been a while since I have stopped visiting your home (temple) regularly. Years ago, I was there nearly every day sometimes with flowers, sometimes with fruits and sweets and sometimes with just myself. More often than not it was to seek a favor. I visited you when my pleas were not answered too since I had none to turn to who I believed could solve my problems. I cribbed, complained, ranted, sometimes with anger and sometimes in desperation with a drop of tear from my eye, asking you to hear my plea and shower your kindness on me. Days, Months and Years rolled by, I grew older, changed jobs, changed homes but one thing did not change, my visits to your home!!

It is raining outside today, the air is nice and cool and I am curled up with a book which is nudging me to contemplate. I…

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