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When we take photos most of the time we look straight ahead or maybe upwards but how often do we look down? This was the challenge set for us by WordPress: to take a photo from above. Here are some photos from above, taken in Thailand

my birthday cake

the wishing well in the white temple at Chiang Rai

leaf on the beach

heart-shaped piece of coral on the beach

found on the beach on Valentine’s day


abandoned fishing nets

weathered wood on the beach

flowers strewn on the beach for a Thai-style beach wedding

spider lily

pink lotus flower

Comments on: "WP weekly photo challenge: from above" (7)

  1. These are all beautiful pictures.. I am drawn to that wishing well…

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  3. Very nice photos!

  4. Oh I love the pink lotus flower! ^^

  5. I also really like the wishing well!

  6. Lovely, I live near the beach too and always find interesting flotsam and jetsam there. The lotus flower is spectacular.

  7. Lovely pictures. The lotus flower is amazing!

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