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The Sunday Post challenge this week is PERSPECTIVE. Here’s how Jake describes it:
Perspective : visual – The way in which objects appear to the eye, Representing the effects of visual perspective in graphic arts,
Perspective photography distortion is determined by the relative distances at which the image is captured and viewed, and is due to the angle
of view of the image (as captured) being either wider or narrower than the angle of view at which the image is viewed, hence the apparent
relative distances differing from what is expected. Related to this concept is axial magnification the perceived depth of objects at a given magnification.

on top of the battlements of the castle at Kyrenia, northern Cyprus

the museum in the Taj Mahal complex, Agra, India

classic view of the Taj Mahal

Parc de Wesserling, Alsace

the abbey of Senanque, Gordes, Provence

Campo del Sole, Italy


Comments on: "Sunday Post: perspective" (2)

  1. YOu’ve doena brilliant job with Wesserling 🙂

  2. Your Blog motivated me to participate and thanks to YOU , I learned what a short link can do : )))))

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