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We see many excellent shots out there in which a photographer’s intent is clear: where he or she leads us to the photo’s subject or main focus — using light, composition, and other criteria — and is able to convey what they see in their mind at the moment of capture. We challenge you to take and share a photograph that shows a command of your frame. Lead our eyes somewhere. Make us focus on something.


This shot was taken at the monkey temple in Jaipur, India

Visit this page and click on some of the links to see other parts of the world through some more eyes


Comments on: "weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes" (5)

  1. Your poto meets the challenge well, my eyes, after looking at the first person, were drawn up the stairs.

  2. You’ve nailed it!

  3. a wonderful image. we just watched a special on this along with the rat temple – did you go there?

    • yes, I did go to the rat temple (see a future blogpost). There are two temples in fact, one for black rats and one for white rats but I only went in the black rat one as I wasn’t feeling well that day. Not nearly as gross as I’d anticipated by hubby chickened out. At least they give you disposable shoe covers to put on your feet …..

  4. Stunning photo! My eyes are immediately drawn to the sari covered lady.

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