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This week’s word a week challenge is UNEXPECTED

This camel got bored while waiting to return home so it decided to sample the delights of the padding in the saddle of the camel I had been riding

a couple of Asian lasses visiting an Indian royal cemetery wearing saris

don’t you just love his shoes and jacket?

IMG_1028-Udaipur-museum-horse-armour copy
an Indian suit of armour made for a horse, designed with a long nose piece to make it look like an elephant when going into battle

In the fortress museum at Bikaner, India, we saw these blue and white tiles. The information panel described them as being Chinese but I think they are English – notably Copeland Spode’s ‘Italian England’ and ‘willow pattern’

What unexpected things have you come across on your travels?


Comments on: "a word a week: unexpected" (3)

  1. The camel is hilarious!

  2. The camel must be near Jaisalmer?

    • Indeed it was! we went on a camel safari to watch the sunset over the dunes and then spent the night in a hut – ancient crocks that we are, we chickened out of sleeping on the ground under the stars

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