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Photo Art Friday now takes place on the first Friday of every month. This month we were given the option of sharing a piece of flower art using at least one of Bonnie’s textures. I’ve used different filters on this image and have added Bonnie’s texture Soft Reflections to it as well as experimenting with the blending modes which has resulted in:




I added a poster edges filter to the above photo

and blended it with Bonnie’s quartz texture. I love the effect this produced, it looks like a transfer

Comments on: "Photo Art Friday 2 August 2013" (10)

  1. these are stunning!! WOW!! makes me imagine unlimited possibilities!! thanks so much for visiting me, too!!

  2. Don’t you love how a different treatment can have such vastly different effects? Very cool.

  3. Cool edits!

  4. Ooh, great series! I think my favourites are the first and the last ones.

  5. I agree with prairiejill . . . first and last are my faves too. Looks like you had some fun with these.

  6. You have some great treatments of this beautiful Allium, and I agree with Jill and Andrea first and last are my favourites

  7. What fun. That last shot is so dreamy. I love the feathery look it has. I also like the 1st one with the lovely blue tones.

  8. Beautiful editing to make this photo into several pieces of art. My favs are the second and the last!

  9. Beautiful choice of motifs, and exciting editing! Isn’t it amazing how many different versions one can create from a single image – each of them with their own style and stunning impact… love these works!

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